Tech web news seen by Quelbazar: 13.02.2017

Over the web, the readings and news recommended by Quelbazar these last time:  

Android Wear 2.0: Google unveils its new system for the connected Watch: among other innovations proposed by Android Wear 2.0, is a Store of applications dedicated to the watch, as to watch OS or Tizen. –

Me, Charles, driver Uber, my income was divided by two: his name is Charles and crosses the capital from Monday to Saturday, 12 hours a day. Driver to the Uber service for three years, he has seen it all: the abundance of first time… until the recent difficulties. –

The inside story of the rise and rise of Uber: Brad Stone’s new book, The Upstarts, recounts the surprising rise – and possible fall – of the sharing economy. By looking at Uber and AirBnB, Stone brings life and drama to the origin stories of how a few lucky guys made the right decisions at exactly the right time. –

LEGO launches Lego Life a social network for the under 13 years.: Lego has launched its social network: Lego Life. It is designed for children under 13. Thanks to this platform they can show their constructions and watch what the other members of their community. –

Insurance scam: when the pacemaker makes the spy for the benefit of the police: technology: insurance a, it is the art to sell you insurance based on your driving or health policies. But connected objects can also be used to combat insurance fraud. –

40 also strange places that wonderful that you will give the impression to explore another planet: the Earth is full of wonderful places which show the diversity of its landscapes. Today, Daily Geek Show takes you on a unique journey through the strange and fascinating places that nature gave birth on our beautiful planet. –

Swissquote designs an app of trading for virtual reality helmets: News –

#DeleteUber reportedly led 200,000 people to delete their accounts: As part of the widespread protest that macabre #DeleteUber we social media over the last week, more than 200,000 Uber accounts were deleted, according to a report from The New York Times. –

Browser war, Microsoft Edge is always among the last: Microsoft Edge slightly increases its presence on the Internet browser market, but competition is tough. Despite its small dynamism, it remains among the least exploited solutions on PC. At least what reveals NetMarketShare through its latest statistics. –

Lyft revenging Uber in app downloads for the first time ever: Lyft saw greater than Uber downloads we iOS in the US for the first time ever on Sunday, January 29th, according to App Annie, a San Francisco-based analytics firm. –

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