News of the web views by Quelbazar: 30.03.2016

Over the web, the readings and news recommended by Quelbazar these last time:  

Print my book? What else?: will you have a coffee while printing your "what do I know? Exactly what offer the famous Presses University of France (PUF). –

Mobile SBB Preview: Let's turn to the future.: I heard that SBB Mobile had been completely revamped. What are the features of the app, and what are the good reasons to use it? And what is the community? -

Google pictures find yourself your best photos: Google adds a new option in his photographs management service by proposing to classify the best shots in our photo album. Maybe it's a situation you already met on the way back from a trip. –

Crissier threatens to leave the PolOuest: this is not the first time Crissier complains about paying too much. This time, the city hit his fist on the table. –

Vaud honor beer: the canton of Vaud will now have its beer to honor, as he has his wine. A postulate of the MP green Martial Montmollin, "do frothing beer", has in fact been accepted by General Council this week. I asked him why. The Grand Council was amused. –

Photo: October; Police charge: during the demonstration of October 1980, the police has "loaded" protesters with violence disproportionately to the events. Unquestionably, the brutality of the repression in the street caused a shock among many young people who attended. –

Smartphones and tablets, the enemies of sleep: 26% of students filled a mobile keep it lit at night. | Jean-Philippe KSIAZEK / AFPIls say they are surprised. "It was surprising that so many children of CM1 and CM2 have a cell phone. –

The Lausanne-Flon-Renens tram gets its building permit: the federal Office of transport has approved the plans of the first stage of the tram Renens station Lausanne-Flon, and high level of service (BRT) buses linking Prelaz-les-Roses to St. Francis. After four years of investigation, construction can begin. –

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