News of the web views by Quelbazar: 05.09.2017

Over the web, the readings and news recommended by Quelbazar these last time:  

Line BRT on the roads of Prilly and Cossonay: updated the public inquiry: requalification full road Cossonay and the road to Prilly for the realization of a Bus line to high level of Service (BRT), started the inquiry by the Com municipalities of Renens, Prilly, Crissier. –

Almost 60% of listeners are listening to digital radio programs: digital radio interest in Switzerland: thanks to DAB +, the part of the radio programs streamed in digital mode already amounts to 57%. End of June 2017, 3.25 million devices DAB + were in circulation. –

Learn VIM while playing a game: VIM Adventures is year online game based on VIM's keyboard shortcuts (commands, motions and operators). It's the "Zelda meets text editing" game. It's a puzzle game for practicing and memorizing VIM commands (good old VI is also covered, of course). –

YouTube has a new look and, for the first time, has new logo: For the last 12 years, YouTube's logo has been a pair of anachronisms wrapped inside each other. "We have the word tube in a tube," says Christopher Bettig, the head of YouTube's art department. "This is weird. No one know what this is. –

Switzerland: Lake Radio returns to the airwaves: "a young and radio music as One FM broadcasts of eight to 10 titles per hour during its morning show, while on Radio Lake, it provides that four" illustrates Alexandre de Raemy. –

Strong growth in sales of receivers DAB/DAB +: News NRJ: an interactive campaign with Shazam First or Native: France culture creates new programs into podcasts France Inter: Orsenna chronicles in a strong growth in sales book of receivers DAB/DAB + RFI confirms its success-

Uber used Technology To Enhance Safety For Drivers: We have rolled out features over the past few months for drivers with the goal of improving their overall experience. Today, we're introducing additional features to ensure control and peace of mind, helping to keep all driver-partners safe before, during, and after every trip. –

The boss of Expedia becomes CEO of Uber: News –

Explosion in the number of e-shops fraudulent in .ch: the Switch, the service Foundation that manages the registration of the domains in .ch, sounds the alarm: the number of fraudulent e-shops abusively using a .ch domain name is clearly increase. –

Magic Quadrant for storage arrays 100% flash: Pure Storage remains at the top followed by Netapp: Gartner has just released an update of its magic quadrant for storage arrays 100% flash. We learn including berries 100% flash market grew by 72 percent in 2016 to $ 4.6 billion. –

Two days to discover the mobility of tomorrow: SBB exceptionally open to the public seven of their largest projects on the Lake Geneva region, during a weekend Open House, on 23 and 24 September 2017. –

You have no idea what some do with the kettle in their hotel room: unusual – a kettle, it is used to heat water, which is then used in the composition of a hot drink. Everything seems obvious. Except that according to this tweet, everyone does not use his kettle in the same way. –

Against xenophobia, this supermarket in Hamburg has emptied its shelves of foreign products: xenophobia – the time of day a German supermarket in Hamburg last weekend withdrew all foreign products of its rays. –

Bilanz telecom rating: Sunrise and net + always on top!: the years go by and look alike in the traditional ranking telecom magazine Bilanz that 2017 are published today. Just like year last it's Sunrise coming in mind while Aldi go from 4th to 2nd place. –

Insensitive to the scandals, Uber is growing: nothing seems to slow the growth of Uber. Or scandals affecting his leadership, or the struggle between the former Director and investors, nor the regulatory constraints that multiply on the planet – the UberPop service just for example be deleted in Zurich. –

UPC launches its offers in Lausanne and strengthens its presence in French-speaking Switzerland: Renens/Vienna, August 23, 2017, as stated last June, UPC offers today all its services to the people of Lausanne through the fiber optic LAN. –

Graffiti artists for a day: Heigh ho heigh ho, writing it's a job!: Lausanne electric cabinets are decorated by young people of the Centre for guidance and professional training (COFOP) of the canton of Vaud. Behind the scenes of this workshop and the realization in accelerated to an art project for a day. Find the article in the –

The Microsoft Xbox One X on sale tonight: it's an open secret for those who await him: pre-orders will be opened at the end of this presentation, around 22:30 – 23: 00. You can read this article for the specifications of the beast. –

Of self-service bicycles: installed in one night in Zurich, the O-Bike won't be long to land at Winterthur, Bern, Lucerne and Basel, announces the company producing them. Described as "aggressive" expansion that relays the local press for a month and a half. –

Scammers try to access e-banking of Swiss users: the central recording and analysis for the security of information (MELANI) found, for two weeks, a series of attacks aimed at the users of e-banking in Switzerland. –

Decathlon 'recruited as local vendors': A revealing anecdote? Tuesday at Marin Center, one of the employees of the new Decathlon store was devoted to sorting the many customers who wanted to get to the crates. "You want to pay by cash or credit card?", he asked. –

Comparing Performance Between iSCSI, FCoE, and CF

Exit Oracle: a real challenge: Noting the degradation of the quality of the exchanges between Oracle and its customers in France about its pricing policy, Cigref had issued a statement July 3, offering "to accompany those interested." in their reflection on the different strategies-

Meraki clears customer data inadvertently: Cisco admitted Monday having erased August 3 customer data because of a configuration error to its Cloud management and autmatisation of Meraki network service. –

Smart lock vendor accidentally bricks its own locks through firmware update: A perk of connected devices, or at least what gadget manufacturers will tell you, is they can receive over the air updates to keep your current device. Those updates don't always go as planned, however. In fact, they can go horribly wrong. –

Want to learn to program purpose don't know where to start?: You have the best intentions. Sure you do. –

GoDaddy tells white supremacist site Daily to find Stormer has new domain provider: White supremacist site the Daily Stormer needs to find another domain provider after getting the boot from GoDaddy. In a tweet, the company said "We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service." – GoDaddy-tells-white-supremacist-site-daily-Stormer-to-find-a-new-domain-provider/

The construction of the tunnel of the BIA under the avenue of Echallens will start: construction sites to allow the BIA to complete its transformation into a genuine RER will begin next week. The preparatory work for the realization of the tunnel of the BIA will begin August 21, 2017, resulting in the first changes to road traffic. –

SBB renounce collaborate with Uber: SBB suspend their collaboration envisaged with Uber, transport on demand service. Unia, SEV and syndicom unions welcomed this decision by SBB. They now demand that the post office should also end to activities in connection with the American multinational. –

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