My challenge 2017: Jura crest trail, stage 3/15, Staffelegg – Hauenstein

I was talking to you some weeks ago from the challenge that I started to 2017: the 15 steps of the “path of the ridges of the Jura”, which crosses the Switzerland of the northeast to the Southwest. Since my last article that was about step 2, you have no news. I have already abandoned this challenge?

But no: A mid-April, I’m already at the end of step 5. And so the first steps were at the limit of my physical abilities (very average…), as the new steps are going better and better. On the other hand, the reviews on this blog took much of the delay: the first 2 steps have been completed for a period “between 2 jobs”. So, I had time to post on this blog. But since then, it’s a little different. More weather. So the time miss me.

But, by popular demand, I’m catching my. So a minimalist account of my 3 step, made on March 19. The step is Staffelegg-Hauenstein, documented on the official site: 20 km, 900 m D +. An easy step. It is described like this:

Program: five passes. The Staffelegg follow Bankerjoch, Salhöhe, Schafmatt and finally Unter Hauenstein. Between them, many forests, some pastures and the steep Geissfluh on the border of Baselland.

A region full of bird observation posts. I also was accompanied by an impressive number of chickadees. As this step was completed more than a month ago, this rendered County will be only in images:

This is! 


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