#DeleteUber, a top trend Twitter of the day

This 29 January (birthday of the arrival of Uber in Lausanne, but it has nothing to do…), Twitter #DeleteUber appears if "top trends" tag English hashtags Uber. The revolt rumbles.

In an article from Mashable, we learn that the cause of this boycott movement (or rather its taking to scale these days), it is the decision of Uber New York off the rate increase at JFK airport during a strike by the services of the (other) taxis which had been organized in protest against the "Muslim Ban" (ban of entry into the United States of some Muslim citizens by Donald Trump).



Uber has therefore been accused of being a "scab" actively supporting racism and xenophobia. 

This popular revolt is also the result of comments made by the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, who said in front of his employees it is necessary to work with Trump to fulfill the mission of Uber improve global transport. 

Of course, uber replied by saying that they had no intention to break a strike. However, many users have tweeted their screenshot of their Uber account deletion:



The activity of the hashtag #DeleteUber currently:


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